Code Enforcement

An ArcGIS Online based solution for managing public comments, field workers, data collection, and analysis as pertaining to code violation enforcement/management.

Activity Solution
Receive complaint GeoForm
Assign and dispatch inspector Workforce for ArcGIS
Inspector accepts assignment Workforce for ArcGIS
Verify and collect data onsite Survey123 or Collector for ArcGIS
Prepare and send notice(s) Mailing/Report Widgets
Track and analyze Operations Dashboard

VESTRA will download and install this suite of applications to your ArcGIS Online organization.  We'll also configure these applications for your use, install scripts to automate workflows, and train your staff on using the solution.  Pricing starts at $5,000. 

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Receive Complaint

Note: A notification email can be sent to dispatcher when new complaints are received via a Python script



Assign and dispatch inspector

Note: A notification email can be sent to field inspector(s) when new assignments are created, via a python script


Inspector accepts assignment

  • Field inspector uses Workforce for ArcGIS to accept assignment

Note: A notification email can be sent to dispatcher when assignments are accepted by field inspector using a Python script


Verify and collect data on-site

Note: A notification email can be sent to dispatcher when assignments are marked complete by field inspector using a python script


Prepare and send notices

  • Using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
    • Utilizing Mailing Notification Widget to generate mailing labels
    • Potentially use Reporting widget to generate the report

See our Custom Widget page for more information

Track and analyze

  • Utilize Operations Dashboard to view historic code enforcement data, review trends, and visualize graphically

This suite of applications can be used for other purposes; such as, asset management, building inspections, utility management, etc.  Contact us for more details.