Our staff work routinely in the construction industry.  Most recently, our work has focused on compliance relating to water quality and stormwater runoff – however, we also support construction staking, rare and endangered plant surveys, pre-construction inspections, and onsite biological support.


Since the passage of the new Construction General Permit, our staff of Qualified SWPPP Practitioners/Developers (QSPs/QSDs) have worked on hundreds of construction projects, including many under the specific Caltrans stormwater requirements.  Our work includes preparation of SWPPPs (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans) and WPCPs (Water Pollution Control Programs), required weekly inspections, sampling, Numeric Action Level (NAL) exceedance reporting and monitoring, REAP (Rain Event Action Plan) preparation, annual report submittals, and ongoing negotiation with agencies and regulators on behalf of the general contractor.


We understand that time is money and many bids are tight.  We work diligently to control the cost of required BMPs, inspections, and sampling.  Our staff are well respected by Caltrans and other agencies and use that respect to the benefit of our clients.