VESTRA is committed to the future of agriculture. We understand that reducing the cost of regulatory compliance is critical to the future of agriculture and its continued ability to sustainably operate in our region. Our mission is to be our clients’ most-valued consultant by providing cost-effective, innovative, technically superior solutions. We have an intimate understanding of industry issues affecting our clients; that’s why we are committed to providing highly efficient project schedules and budget controls while utilizing our experienced and dedicated staff.

We offer a professional team of agricultural scientists, foresters, hydrologists, geologists, and engineers to assist our dairy clients. Our NRCS Technical Service Provider (TSP) can assist you in applying for NRCS funding. NRCS funding could be used for the following operating components:

-  Pond Expansion/Lining/Redesign
-  Solids Removal
-  Pump Replacement
-  Irrigation Piping
-  Tailwater Return Systems
-  Flow Meters
-  Soil Moisture Monitoring
-  Silage Storage Compliance
-  Production Area Drainage and Field Drainage
-  Covered Storage Areas, Barns, Alleyways, etc.


Our services include:

-  Dairy General Order and Individual Order Compliance
-  Annual Reports
-  Annual NPDES Stormwater Reports
-  Waste Management Plans
-  Certified Nutrient Management Plans (NRCS)
-  Monitoring Well Plans and Installation
-  Semi-Annual and Quarterly Well Monitoring
-  Expansion Permitting
-  Waste Water Pond Design
-  Irrigation System Design