Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP) Training Class

The new Industrial General Stormwater Permit (IGP) requires that certain activities be completed by Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioners (QISP). We have been certified as Industrial General Permit Trainers of Record (IGP-ToR) by the State Water Resources Control Board and the California Stormwater Quality Association. 

VESTRA is now providing the required one-day, in-person QISP training course with an IGP-ToR at our office in Redding, California. The course will emphasize stormwater issues typical of Northern California climate and industries.

Please use the link below to sign up for available training classes, or call us at 530.223.2585 to order by phone. 


About VESTRA'S IGP Trainers of Record

 Wendy Johnston

Ms. Johnston is an Environmental Scientist with more than 37 years of experience in water quality regulatory compliance. She is currently the Vice President of VESTRA’s Environmental Services Division and is considered an expert in both Federal and California regulations pertaining to water quality. Ms. Johnston has worked on hundreds of industrial facilities in the last 37 years, with the majority of these facilities requiring coverage under the IGP since its inception. Work has included all portions of compliance with the permit including document preparation, sampling, and data analysis and reporting. She has worked on 505 litigation, EPA enforcement actions and RWQCB enforcement actions. Industrial sites on her resume include mines, dairies/confined animal feeding operations, carbon recycling facilities, log yards/sawmills, landfills, recycling facilities, automotive dismantlers, marinas, boat works, transportation facilities, and bulk fueling facilities. Because many of these sites have been associated with Section 505 litigation, documents were reviewed by attorneys and opposing technical teams. In addition, Ms. Johnston has developed unconventional Best Management Practices (BMPs) for site-specific application and designed active and passive treatment trains.

Olivia FIsher

Ms. Fisher is a Regulatory Compliance Specialist with environmental management experience in air quality, water quality, hazardous waste management, and land management. Ms. Fisher has extensive experience working in laboratory, industrial and consulting environments; and comprehensive knowledge of both California and Federal regulations, including the IGP. In addition to her environmental laboratory analyst and environmental management experience in the industrial sector, Ms. Fisher has worked for numerous industrial storm water clients in several regulated industries, including materials recovery facilities, marinas, boat yards, cement manufacturing facilities, log yards, mines, transportation facilities, automotive dismantlers, bulk fueling stations, and landfills. Her strong background in environmental chemistry and industrial environmental management lends to her ability to inspect facilities, perform site-specific source evaluations, and develop targeted BMPs and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for various types of facilities. As a QISP-ToR, she works closely with facility operators and staff and provides training on industrial storm water compliance. In addition to her stormwater experience, Ms. Fisher is well versed in many other areas of environmental compliance. She has experience with AB32 GHG reporting and compliance, Federal GHG regulations and reporting, MACT, NESHAP, Title V, CEQA, SMARA, HMBP, SPCC, TRI, TSCA, RCRA, and Phase I/Phase II Site Assessments, among others. 


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