GeoSystems Monitor (ArcGIS Online & Enterprise Versions)

  • Real-Time Systems Monitoring
  • Instant Text and/or Email Alerts
  • Customized User Interface
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Rapidly Pinpoint Issues
Functionality Matrix

ArcGIS Online Version

Enterprise Version

ArcGIS Online Services (Secure* and Non-secure Services)
• Web Applications
• Web Maps (includes organizations content & external data)
º Feature Services
º Map Services
º Image Services
º Tile Services
º Streaming Services
º GeoRSS Web Feed
º KML Services
º WMS Services
º Feature Collections
ArcGIS Server (Secure and Non-secure Services)  
• Feature Services  
• Map Service  
• Image (WCS) Services  
• Geocode Services  
• Geoprocessing Services  
• Vector Tile Services  
• Streaming Services  
• KML Services  
• Web Feature Service (WFS) Services  
• WMS Services  
Portal for ArcGIS Services  
Monitor ArcSDE  
• ArcSDE Services  
• ArcSDE Layers  
Monitor Geodatabases  
• Oracle Geodatabases  
• SQL Server Geodatabases  
• Geodatabase Replication  
Windows Services  
Windows WMI Checks  
RSS Feeds  
ArcIMS Services  
Esri®, AutoCAD, FME License Manager (or anything using lmutil)  
Usage Monitoring & Reporting  
• ArcGIS Server 10.1+ Usage Monitoring  
• ArcGIS Server 10.1+ Usage Statistics Reporting  
• ArcSDE Usage Monitoring  
• ArcSDE Usage Statistics Reporting  
Historical Service Performance Charting
Ability to write your own custom checks (using Python)  
* Secure Services must be 'Registered' in your organization in the ArcGIS Online Version

GeoSystems Monitor
For ArcGIS Online Pricing






Number of Monitoring Points/Checks Up to 10 Unrestricted Unrestricted
Number of Organizations You Can Monitor Up to 1 Up to 1 Up to 5
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GeoSystems Monitor
Enterprise Pricing




Number of Monitoring Points/Checks Up to 100 Up to 200 Unrestricted
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* Annual maintenance is equal to 15% of the purchase price