GeoSystems Monitor v. 3.2.1 release is now available for download

VESTRA Resources, Inc. announces a substantial update to the GeoSystems Monitor with the release of Version 3.2.1.

Notably, the version of Python used has been advanced to Python v. 2.7.9. This improves the ability of the monitoring scripts to handle secure checks with ArcGIS 10.3.x and Portal.

New features and improvements include:

  • New checks for Streaming services and Geoprocessing services
  • Improved alerts include URL of down point
    • Subject line now contains point information
    • Improved format for readability
  • Feature Service Check now accepts zero count
  • Windows WMI Server Stats check can now check for 'Commit' memory
  • Improved WMS, WCS, and WFS checks
  • Much faster chart generation for large data sets
  • Separate login for Charts module
  • Ability to use proxy info when auto populating from ArcGIS servers and AGOL
  • Improved support for non-standard installations
  • New log file and database maintenance process
  • Expanded daily summary email
    • Improved format for readability
  • Expanded License manager check
    • Includes AutoCAD, FME and other license checking

For more information or a free demo license please contact us.