GIS Master Plan

Alpine County, CA

For the past 5 years VESTRA has supported Alpine County, California with an Enterprise GIS implementation. VESTRA prepared the Alpine County GIS Master Plan 2011 and since then has been assisting the County with implementing the GIS within planned phases.  The phased approach laid the foundation of GIS and data development.  VESTRA helped implement a cloud based GIS infrastructure (using ArcGIS Online) and assisted in data maintenance workflows. Later phases helped implement web mapping viewers for the County. VESTRA assisted the County expand their online GIS presence in the County by understanding needs related to additional applications and GIS contribution to daily business processes.  Currently, VESTRA is providing training to County staff covering the following topics: ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap and ArcCatolog); ArcGIS Online; a review of the Local Government Information Model (LGIM), application templates, loading data into LGIM; and a review of Collector for ArcGIS workflows.  In addition, VESTRA is developing a multi-scale fire run book grid for the County.

City of Cupertino, CA

VESTRA contracted with the City of Cupertino to provide a comprehensive GIS Master Plan. With a good foundation in place, the City was looking to cast a vision and develop a strategy for how GIS could better serve the City by improving how it is used, implemented, leveraged and integrated as a technology and be highly visible within the organization over the next five years. VESTRA helped the City with a detailed roadmap and a phased implementation plan to meet City goals such as enhancing GIS service delivery with improved efficiency and effectiveness, expanding GIS accessibility and use, achieving a greater level of integration of the GIS with the City’s business systems, provide better support to City business processes, increase organizational awareness, visibility and department sponsorship for GIS, and implementing best in class GIS technology.