GeoSystems Monitor v4.0.0 release is now available

VESTRA Resources, Inc. announces the highly anticipated GoeSystems Monitor v4.0.0 release is now available for download.  The Silverlight version of the product has been depreciated and the product rebuilt in JavaScript. Design changes and new features are listed below.


  • UI style and design updated using Bootstrap 3

  • In JavaScript (deprecates Silverlight)

  • Works in all modern browsers (Edge, IE 11+, Firefox, Chrome)


  • License Manager Module

  • Reports and Charts upgraded to new ReportLab libraries

  • Added/combined support for Vector Tile services

  • Increased WMI disk drive checks

  • Added support for Postgres databases

  • Redesigned SDE Layer checks

  • Added support for Oracle 12c

  • Redesigned MSSQL authentication practices

  • Key focus on Windows Authentication

  • Easier creation of containers and auto-population of services

  • Ability to “refresh” containers to add new services/remove old

  • Added a governor to manage cold start monitoring

  • Added “connections” to save credentials

  • Added ability to rearrange tabs

Contact us for more information or to request a demo.