Because we live and work in the North State, agricultural clients represent a large share of our client base.  We believe that the strength and survival of our agricultural industry are fundamental to the economic stability of Northern California and the rural communities where we live.  Our staff have worked cooperatively with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) personnel, as well as representing the California Farm Bureau, and other agricultural interest groups and individuals.  We understand and appreciate the diversity of California’s landscapes and climates, which create a setting appropriate for producing more than 400 agricultural commodities and make it the number one agriculture state in the nation.

VESTRA offers full-service environmental, engineering, and GIS/IT support related to agricultural needs. We supply clients with applied knowledge in many business sectors, including mining, agriculture, timber, resource management, landscape restoration, environmental remediation, asset management, community planning, and spatial analysis. We are known for tackling seemingly “impossible projects.” No matter what a project entails, we “get the job done right” on time and within budget.

We have worked with Resource Conservation Districts, NRCS, and many landowners to obtain grants for in-stream and meadow upland restoration projects, bank stability projects, tailwater return systems, water diversion improvements and improvements to increase irrigation efficiency and reduce water consumption, and to develop and permit new water rights and fight to preserve old ones.  


Since 2010, we have worked with the NRCS and Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District on irrigation piping projects.


Our specialized agriculture experience includes:

-  Water Rights/Water Use Issues
-  Water Quality/Tailwater and Wastewater Management
-  Expansion Permitting (Dairy and Field Agriculture)
-  Special Projects
-  Water and Wetlands Issues
-  Data Management Systems
-  GIS Mapping and Services
-  Engineering Design and Surveying
-  Mitigation and Conservation Banking
-  Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
-  Special-Status Species Monitoring and Avoidance Plans
-  Irrigation Piping