VESTRA offers full-service environmental, engineering, and GIS support related to mining projects.  We understand the environmental issues and complexities relevant to mine compliance, operations, reclamation planning, mitigation, and reclamation of both active and legacy mine projects.  We specialize in developing practical and technically sound solutions for operating, idle, and abandoned mines and offer cost-effective, innovative, and technically superior project solutions.

VESTRA provides all aspects of mine development, from concept through initial design, environmental compliance, permitting, and reporting. We are known for tackling seemingly “impossible projects.”  No matter what a project entails, we “get the job done right,” on time and within budget.  We have worked on both private and federal property and fully understand the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management permit requirements and how they mesh with SMARA, county regulations, and requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

We take pride in producing work of outstanding technical quality. Our innovative approach to staged design allows us to successfully resolve problems posed by various specialized projects. 


By taking a highly flexible approach to design work and a distinct willingness to work outside the box, VESTRA often is able to provide clients with solutions that reduce project cost while still meeting technical and regulatory requirements.

We are proud of our expertise and reputation in the following areas:

- Mine Planning and Design
- Mine Compliance and Permitting
- Abandoned Mine Remediation
- Erosion Control
- Groundwater Monitoring
- Habitat Restoration
- Identifying Environmental and Social Issues
- Public Relations / Project Advocacy
- Compliance Sampling and Reporting
- Bulkhead Sealing
- Acid Rock Drainage Management (Passive and Active)
- Waste Containment and Management
- Agency Coordination and Interaction



VESTRA has an extensive background in the timber and logging industry.  The company was founded to assist timber companies in building GIS databases in order to analyze and better manage their lands.  Our staff continue to assist the timber industry in site cleanup, property transfers, permitting, compliance and more.


We have assisted with the preparation of Program Timberland Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) and have a thorough understanding of the laws related to greenhouse gas emissions.  We work with our clients to negotiate with Cal Fire, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Regional Water Quality Control Boards to advocate for solutions that are both profitable for the industry and meet the terms outlined by the agencies.


VESTRA has prepared Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for timberland properties up to 30,000 acres in size in remote areas of Northern California.  Other properties were former mill sites where pentachlorophenol (PCP) was a constituent of concern.  We have conducted site remediation on several of these types of properties so that future development activities can occur.



Because we live and work in the North State, agricultural clients represent a large share of our client base.  We believe that the strength and survival of our agricultural industry are fundamental to the economic stability of Northern California and the rural communities where we live.  Our staff have worked cooperatively with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) personnel, as well as representing the California Farm Bureau, and other agricultural interest groups and individuals.  We understand and appreciate the diversity of California’s landscapes and climates, which create a setting appropriate for producing more than 400 agricultural commodities and make it the number one agriculture state in the nation.

VESTRA offers full-service environmental, engineering, and GIS/IT support related to agricultural needs. We supply clients with applied knowledge in many business sectors, including mining, agriculture, timber, resource management, landscape restoration, environmental remediation, asset management, community planning, and spatial analysis. We are known for tackling seemingly “impossible projects.” No matter what a project entails, we “get the job done right” on time and within budget.

We have worked with Resource Conservation Districts, NRCS, and many landowners to obtain grants for in-stream and meadow upland restoration projects, bank stability projects, tailwater return systems, water diversion improvements and improvements to increase irrigation efficiency and reduce water consumption, and to develop and permit new water rights and fight to preserve old ones.  


Since 2010, we have worked with the NRCS and Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District on irrigation piping projects.


Our specialized agriculture experience includes:

-  Water Rights/Water Use Issues
-  Water Quality/Tailwater and Wastewater Management
-  Expansion Permitting (Dairy and Field Agriculture)
-  Special Projects
-  Water and Wetlands Issues
-  Data Management Systems
-  GIS Mapping and Services
-  Engineering Design and Surveying
-  Mitigation and Conservation Banking
-  Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
-  Special-Status Species Monitoring and Avoidance Plans
-  Irrigation Piping



VESTRA is committed to the future of agriculture. We understand that reducing the cost of regulatory compliance is critical to the future of agriculture and its continued ability to sustainably operate in our region. Our mission is to be our clients’ most-valued consultant by providing cost-effective, innovative, technically superior solutions. We have an intimate understanding of industry issues affecting our clients; that’s why we are committed to providing highly efficient project schedules and budget controls while utilizing our experienced and dedicated staff.

We offer a professional team of agricultural scientists, foresters, hydrologists, geologists, and engineers to assist our dairy clients. Our NRCS Technical Service Provider (TSP) can assist you in applying for NRCS funding. NRCS funding could be used for the following operating components:

-  Pond Expansion/Lining/Redesign
-  Solids Removal
-  Pump Replacement
-  Irrigation Piping
-  Tailwater Return Systems
-  Flow Meters
-  Soil Moisture Monitoring
-  Silage Storage Compliance
-  Production Area Drainage and Field Drainage
-  Covered Storage Areas, Barns, Alleyways, etc.


Our services include:

-  Dairy General Order and Individual Order Compliance
-  Annual Reports
-  Annual NPDES Stormwater Reports
-  Waste Management Plans
-  Certified Nutrient Management Plans (NRCS)
-  Monitoring Well Plans and Installation
-  Semi-Annual and Quarterly Well Monitoring
-  Expansion Permitting
-  Waste Water Pond Design
-  Irrigation System Design



Our staff work routinely in the construction industry.  Most recently, our work has focused on compliance relating to water quality and stormwater runoff – however, we also support construction staking, rare and endangered plant surveys, pre-construction inspections, and onsite biological support.


Since the passage of the new Construction General Permit, our staff of Qualified SWPPP Practitioners/Developers (QSPs/QSDs) have worked on hundreds of construction projects, including many under the specific Caltrans stormwater requirements.  Our work includes preparation of SWPPPs (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans) and WPCPs (Water Pollution Control Programs), required weekly inspections, sampling, Numeric Action Level (NAL) exceedance reporting and monitoring, REAP (Rain Event Action Plan) preparation, annual report submittals, and ongoing negotiation with agencies and regulators on behalf of the general contractor.


We understand that time is money and many bids are tight.  We work diligently to control the cost of required BMPs, inspections, and sampling.  Our staff are well respected by Caltrans and other agencies and use that respect to the benefit of our clients.


Northern California Industries

Our Northern California economy is supported by a wide variety of businesses and industries. Recreational marinas, auto dismantlers, recyclers and solid waste haulers, cement manufacturers, concrete fabricators, wineries, food processors, co-generation plants, and countless other regulated industries in Northern California have come to us for engineering and regulatory compliance assistance.

We are committed to our local area and economy. Our team works diligently to provide the best, most cost-effective solutions for our clients, whatever their needs.


Real Estate

VESTRA offers a full-service, one-stop shop for real estate-related projects. Our Survey Department specializes in all areas of surveying including Minor and Major Subdivisions, FEMA Flood Elevation Documentation, Boundary and Topographic Surveys, Right-of-Way and Route Surveys, American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys, Legal Description preparation, Expert Witness services, Construction Staking, Boundary Resolution, and survey data analysis.  Our Licensed Land Surveyor has  experience with the preparation and processing of survey-related maps and plats and is exceptionally familiar with the Subdivision Map Act and Professional Land Surveyor’s Act.


We also assist buyers and sellers with Due Diligence needs, having completed hundreds of Real Estate Site Evaluations since our Environmental Services Division was founded in 2002.  All Property Transfer Evaluations are conducted pursuant to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.  The goal of the site assessments is to identify environmental conditions in connection with the property, to the extent feasible, which may pose a future environmental liability.  Our work includes ASTM Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Liability Appraisals, Environmental Transaction Screens, Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Analyses, Historical and Regulatory Reviews (current and past site activities), Conservation Easement Documentation, and detailed Site Characterization and Remediation.  VESTRA has conducted these for commercial, multi-residential, industrial, and agricultural properties ranging in size from less than 1 acre to over 30,000 acres.  One of our areas of specialization is working with large rural properties.