Civil Engineering and Site Design

Our Engineering Staff include professionals with expertise in a variety of fields. Our work includes projects in Site Civil, Municipal, Mining, Treatment Technologies, Waste Containment, Environmental and Restoration Engineering, Hydraulic Design, and Agricultural Engineering. We are also Natural Resources Conservation Service (NCRS) Technical Service Providers for waste containment, irrigation design, and dairy manure management.

Our Engineering Staff take pride in the quality of their work and innovations in design for unusual problems and projects. Our innovative approach to design allows us to solve problems posed by various specialized projects successfully. By taking a highly flexible approach to design work, with a distinct willingness to think outside the box, VESTRA often is able to provide clients with solutions that reduce project cost while still meeting technical and regulatory requirements.

Our Projects Include:

  • Large and Small Commercial Developments
  • Road Imporvements
  • Hydrolic Evaluations for Bridge Modifications and Culvert Design
  • Waste Pond Design
  • Retention Pond Structures
  • Irrigation and Water Control Systems
  • Mine Bulkhead Seals
  • Landfill Closure and Expansion
  • Boat Ramps
  • Passive and Active Waste Treatment Systems
  • Fish Screen and Ladder Systems
  • Dairy Expansion and Waste Management
  • Riptarian Restoration and Streambank Stabilization
  • SPCC Plans and Tank Containment