Droughts, floods, swarms of insects and farming techniques are struggles that the agricultural community has faced for centuries. VESTRA has been implementing GIS in to agricultural environments to map and project current and future fluctuations in precipitation, groundwater, temperature, crop output and more. VESTRA has the ability to asses and analyze soil data and farming practices to determine what the best crops are to plant, where they should go, and the best way to maintain soil nutrition levels. The future of GIS within Agriculture is incredible, and VESTRA’s world class team has the skill and experience to tackle any project.


Federal, State, & Local Governments

GIS solutions from VESTRA provide Local, State and Federal Government agencies with the ability to streamline services from multiple departments, increase accuracy, develop efficient processes, provide accurate information to assist in better decision-making within the agency, and create custom maps and tools to engage your employees and community. Our custom and cost effective solutions benefit agencies and departments across all levels of government, including, public safety, public works, utilities, election departments, addressing and notifications, land management, parks and recreation, law enforcement, and more.



GIS has become a vital component of health and human services management across the country in recent years. Due to advancing technology, health initiatives that were once managed on paper and without a location component are now being location-enabled and managed through GIS. Key initiatives in the industry such as homelessness, vector borne disease, the opioid epidemic, and network adequacy are now modernizing and being built upon the GIS platform. This helps organizations meet regulatory requirements, improve collaboration, gain insights through data analysis, monitor and track health metrics, and ultimately better serve members of a network or agency. A GIS-based solution from VESTRA will make your healthcare agency more organized and efficient, and will equip your team with the tools and training necessary to proactively manage any situation you encounter.


Natural Resources

The preservation and proper use of natural resources is essential to the environment and the economy.  It’s our responsibility to manage the use of these precious resources to ensure that their benefits can be used and enjoyed for generations to come. VESTRA has been developing and implementing GIS tools through the industry to provide a platform that allows managers to generate informative data and information that is used to make sound decisions for sustainability.



Transportation professionals have embraced GIS as a crucial tool to aide in the planning, execution and maintenance of transportation systems. Whether you are aiming to improve transportation throughout your city, county or state, modeling future demands, designing and planning scenic roads and streets, or identifying regulation violations, a transportation GIS system from VESTRA will become the platform that your agency relies on to tackle real world problems, and create efficient solutions.