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Since 1988, VESTRA has been providing cutting-edge geospatial solutions to a large variety of industry organizations around the globe. VESTRA was established to specialize in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and was among the first consulting firms in the United States to offer a full spectrum of GIS development services. As an Esri-Certified Gold Partner and full-service geospatial and IT systems provider, VESTRA offers a wide range of consulting and technology-based services.

VESTRA is an ESRI business partner, consultant, developer, value-added reseller and trainer.


Enterprise GIS Design, Upgrades, Implementation, and Support

Getting the design right is critical to any Enterprise GIS effort. Getting it right requires a team with the experience and expertise needed to develop a solution that meets the business requirements and goals of the client, while effectively leveraging the capabilities offered in the rapidly evolving IT platforms used by the organization. VESTRA’s team has decades of experience designing GIS Enterprise solutions for organizations of all sizes and has the hands-on experience required to implement the design and provide support. This depth of experience ensures our clients get more than just a design, they get a solution that works.

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Enterprise GIS Software Development and Training

A growing number of things can be accomplished with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software and we recommend using COTS whenever it makes sense. VESTRA has developed our own COTS product (the GeoSystems Monitor) and we understand the benefits as well as the limits. Many business system integration and workflow requirements cannot be met using a COTS platform without some customization. Whether it is a custom widget that fits inside a COTS application, a custom UI designed specifically to meet the needs of a user community, or a custom script designed to perform an analysis unique to your organization, VESTRA's team of developers have decades of experience creating software that leverages our clients' Enterprise GIS systems and provides solutions that truly fit their needs. As part of their work, our development team is often asked to develop frameworks that the client’s staff can continue to build upon in later phases, and we welcome the opportunity to provide knowledge transfer and training as part of our services.


GIS Data Management

The success of Enterprise GIS applications often depends on the quality of the underlying data. Creating and maintaining high quality data requires a thorough understanding of the data models involved and the tools and workflows used to manipulate those data models. When it comes to collecting, migrating, organizing, and updating the GIS data for a client, VESTRA has the expertise to streamline this process and ensure the data is secure and easily accessible.


3D GIS Mapping and Modeling

VESTRA’s team of GIS modeling and mapping experts will collaborate with your organization to create a detailed and interactive 3D model of a landscape that can assist in everything from urban planning and construction, to transportation development and virtual tours.