Mine Remediation Expertise

VESTRA staff has been involved in several projects to address metals contamination at mine sites beginning in early 1990. These studies led to a number of ongoing mine remediation projects throughout California. Based on this experience, VESTRA has developed significant expertise in the following mine remediation related areas:

  • Site characterization
  • Portal and tunnel rehabilitation
  • Bulkhead seal installation
  • Waste rock consolidation and capping
  • Pilot treatment systems
  • Full-scale treatment systems
  • Regulatory permitting and compliance

Key steps in the remediation process include source identification, source control and reduction, and treatment of residual acid rock drainage (ARD). VESTRA has designed and supervised the contruction of more than 10 anaerobic treatment systems to increase the pH and remove dissolved metals from ARD. The capacity of these systems typically ranges between 1 gallon per minute (gpm) and 50gpm, and the average metals reduction exceeds 95 percent.

Our success rate with passive treatment systems is outstanding and we have saved our clients millions of dollars in remediation costs. Our goal is to stay ahead of our competition by offering cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions.