The GeoSystems Monitor architecture was specifically designed for ease of deployment and to allow customization to fit your unique monitoring needs. The core architecture elements include:

  • Service architecture – GeoSystems Monitor provides real-time monitoring for the growing service-based architecture that is present in today’s GIS.
  • Agentless – All monitoring occurs without requiring the installation of agents on monitored servers or services. This provides a monitoring solution that is easy to implement and manage over time.
  • Customized monitoring – GeoSystems Monitor includes an extensive library of pre-configured monitoring end points. Custom monitoring scripts can be developed using Python® (the core programming language used in GeoSystems Monitor checks), in addition to other languages to fit unique monitoring needs.
  • Flexible interface – GeoSystems Monitor’s dashboard interface is designed to allow user-defined organization with tabbed windows and “containers”, which are user-specified groups of monitoring end points.