GIS Application Packages 

Tier 1 Apps 

ArcGIS Online Templates (Out-of-the box) 

  • Create informative and intuitive viewers such as Parcel Viewer, Utilities Viewer, Fire Districts Map and many more 
  • Includes all tools and functionalities of ArcGIS Online 
    • Maps with up to 5 layers 
    • Address Search (Esri service) 
    • Print Maps ( Esri Service) 
    • Query, Filtering and Search 

Pricing for Tier 1 Apps
$1,000 / app* 

Tier 2 Apps 

ArcGIS Online Templates (Configured) 

  • Includes all map viewers, tools and functionalities from Tier 1, plus 
  • Apps hosted on-premises or by hosting provider 
    • Map with up to 10 layers 
    • Address Search (Custom service) 
    • Printing (up to 4 branded layouts) 
    • Enhanced Query, Filtering and Search (Custom widget) 
    • Additional pre-configured widgets available, such as : 
      • Good Street Viewer 
      • Mailing Notification
      • Enhanced Draw 
      • and more… 

Pricing for Tier 2 Apps
$2,000 / app* 

Tier 3 Apps 

ArcGIS Online Templates (Customized) 

  • Includes all map viewers, tools, and functionalities from Tiers 1 and 2, plus 
    • Unlimited maps services 
    • Address Search advanced geocoding with place names 
    • Printing (unlimited branded layouts) 
    • Advanced widgets custom developed by VESTRA, such as: 
      • Third Party Business System integration (e.g. permitting system, asset management systems, etc.) 
      • Advanced Reporting 
      • and more… 

Pricing for Tier 3 Apps