VESTRA offers full-service environmental, engineering, and GIS support related to mining projects.  We understand the environmental issues and complexities relevant to mine compliance, operations, reclamation planning, mitigation, and reclamation of both active and legacy mine projects.  We specialize in developing practical and technically sound solutions for operating, idle, and abandoned mines and offer cost-effective, innovative, and technically superior project solutions.

VESTRA provides all aspects of mine development, from concept through initial design, environmental compliance, permitting, and reporting. We are known for tackling seemingly “impossible projects.”  No matter what a project entails, we “get the job done right,” on time and within budget.  We have worked on both private and federal property and fully understand the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management permit requirements and how they mesh with SMARA, county regulations, and requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

We take pride in producing work of outstanding technical quality. Our innovative approach to staged design allows us to successfully resolve problems posed by various specialized projects. 


By taking a highly flexible approach to design work and a distinct willingness to work outside the box, VESTRA often is able to provide clients with solutions that reduce project cost while still meeting technical and regulatory requirements.

We are proud of our expertise and reputation in the following areas:

- Mine Planning and Design
- Mine Compliance and Permitting
- Abandoned Mine Remediation
- Erosion Control
- Groundwater Monitoring
- Habitat Restoration
- Identifying Environmental and Social Issues
- Public Relations / Project Advocacy
- Compliance Sampling and Reporting
- Bulkhead Sealing
- Acid Rock Drainage Management (Passive and Active)
- Waste Containment and Management
- Agency Coordination and Interaction