Monitoring Information

GeoSystems Monitor can monitor an ever-expanding list of GIS services and applications.  Custom monitoring points can easily be created with python scripts, as well (for example: monitoring custom geoprocessing services, file transfer speeds, and more)

  • ArcGIS for Server Services
  • ArcGIS Online Services
  • ArcGIS Online Web Maps (includes organization content and external data sources)
  • ArcSDE Services
  • ArcSDE Layers
  • ArcIMS Services
  • ArcSDE Usage Monitoring and Usage Statistics Reporting
  • ArcGIS Server 10.1+ Usage Monitoring and Usage Statistics Reporting
  • Web Applications
  • WCS Services
  • WFS Services
  • WMS Services
  • Secure Services
  • Oracle Geodatabases
  • SQL Server Geodatabases
  • Geodatabase Replication
  • Windows Services
  • Windows WMI Checks
  • Rest Services
  • RSS Feeds
  • Esri®, AutoCAD, FME License Manager