GIS Implementation

County Health and Human Services


After recent standards enacted by California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) were announced in early 2018, VESTRA performed Network Adequacy Mapping services and provided training for a number of California counties. This required county health providers to demonstrate accessibility of services for mental health beneficiaries measured by time, distance, and timely access.

The projects involved licensing and installing ArcGIS Pro, Network Analyst extension, and Street Map Premium Extension when necessary. VESTRA then performed the mapping on-site for the counties.

Mapping involved geocoding beneficiary and provider locations, generating heat map views, and generating drive-time and distance buffers using the Network Analyst extension. The projects also included creating documentation and/or providing training for County staff to enable them to repeat the process for ongoing quarterly reporting.

City of Belmont, CA

VESTRA is happy to have been awarded the contract to work with the City of Belmont on their Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Strategic Plan and Implementation Services.  VESTRA will be working with the City to develop a three year Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan, and will then help them execute the plan.  The City of Belmont has never developed a strategic plan for GIS; therefore, with GIS integrations and needs increasing, and with a focus on being progressive and providing better service to the employees and public, there is a desire to expand the use and availability of GIS throughout the organization.

City of Sunnyvale, CA

VESTRA is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the City of Sunnyvale's GIS Strategic Plan.  Many City departments use and depend upon GIS for operations.  The City also has a healthy GIS portal, but the City wants to provide more end-user functionality and additional information to the public.  As the City considered the future of GIS services they sought professional services to provide consulting and implementation services in a two (2) phased approach.

In the first phase, VESTRA will review the current state, provide guidance on best practices, discuss future state options, and provide a strategic report covering all aspects of the City's current and future growth with regards to GIS.

In the second phase, the consultants will provide implementation and project management services to implement the future state as identified in the report.