Fehr & Peers

VESTRA was contracted by Fehr & Peers, an innovative Transportation Planning consulting firm, to develop a web-based version of their MXD+ application. MXD+ is used to quantify Mixed-Use Development Trip Generation, and is based on Fehr & Peers’ unique approach to accurately identify key relationships between the mode of travel and the build environment.

Working in close collaboration with the Fehr & Peers project team, VESTRA designed the technical platform for MXD+ and developed the application. The deployed solution includes dynamic mapping capabilities using Esri’s Geographic Information Systems software, coupled with an intuitive, multi-step workflow that walks end-users through the MXD+ modeling process.

Shasta Regional Transportation Agency

VESTRA worked with SRTA on several high profile projects, such as the Shasta Forward Blueprint Planning Project which included land-use geodatabase design, GIS data development, current and proposed land use scenario modeling, the calculation of performance measures related to land use allocation, and the design of cartographic results showing projected development, extruded grids of development intensity and model animations. Addition projects are the re-alignment of Shasta County Parcels, and the Sustainable Community Strategy Grant projects that included a non-motorized network to model pedestrian, bike, trail, and bus access and movement in the urban region of Shasta County, the application of a Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT) on the non-motorized network to objectively identify high-priority locations for development on a network, a neighborhood scale dynamic (NeDS) study, and an ex-urban Growth Tool that models sustainable growth in a non-urban setting based on emergency response and the wild land urban interface.