Monmouth County, NJ

VESTRA consulted with the County of Monmouth to develop an Advanced Query Widget that will allow the County to interact with their data in a more innovative way. VESTRA developed a query widget that was based on Esri’s Web AppBuilder. VESTRA developed data workflows which updated map services automatically with the latest information that the query widget could then use to filter the data based on user needs.

City of Redding, CA

VESTRA worked with the City of Redding to migrate their legacy, high usage Enterprise GIS web applications to modern Portal and Web AppBuilder based web apps. The legacy applications used Adobe Flex technology. Besides developing custom Web AppBuilder widgets that support City business processes, VESTRA performed the upgrade of the City’s ArcGIS for Server from version 10.1 to version 10.3.1.  The City made the change to migrate to the latest Esri platform and take advantage of the latest functionalities that it provided.

City of Medford, OR

VESTRA performed the ArcGIS for Server upgrade for the City of Medford.  The City upgraded its ArcGIS for Server and Enterprise Geodatabase infrastructure from 10.1 and 10.2.  VESTRA performed requirements gathering, upgrade and migration planning, and testing activities.  The project also included migrating the City's legacy Silverlight web applications to modern HTML5/JavaScript based web applications, including the creation of custom Web AppBuilder widgets that perform complex querying and reporting (https://gisapps.medfordmaps.org/mli/).

City of Columbus, OH

VESTRA worked with the City of Columbus to create a custom widget (Advanced Reporting Widget) developed using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. The widget helps users automate reporting workflows with reports generated in PDF format. The tool performs a spatial drill down to generate custom reports with information from multiple map layers.

Click here for more information on this widget, and other custom widgets created by VESTRA.