Enhanced Web AppBuilder (WAB) Widgets

VESTRA has developed the following widgets that can be purchased and configured for your organization.

Brand new enhanced widgets can also be developed specifically based on your requirements!

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Mailing Notification Widget

  • Generate & print mailing labels
  • Print in CSV or PDF format
  • Use standard Avery labels
  • Labels for property owner or occupant
  • Generate from related tables
Possible uses for the Mailing Notification Widget:
  • Planning departments to generate mailing labels for sending notices or surveys to residents informing them about public hearings, planning commission meetings, upcoming projects, participation in comprehensive land use planning, bikeway and transportation planning efforts, etc.
  • Public works departments to generate mailing labels for sending notices to residents alerting them about proposed construction projects or repairs in a neighborhood that would affect them.
Price: $1500

Advanced Reporting Widget

  • Automate your reporting workflow
  • Reports auto generated in PDF format
  • Drill down multiple map layers for your reports
  • Customize reports for your organization
  • Generate from related tables
Possible uses for the Advanced Reporting Widget:
  • Planning departments to interactively create map based staff reports or planning reports for a planning commission meeting, that might need the inclusion of property details, zoning information, flood zone information and much more.
  • Assessors to quickly create a detailed list of information about a property.
  • Any department that generates reports and would like an intuitive way using a map based interface to do so.
Price: $1500

Integrated Systems Query Widget

  • Query Third Party Business Systems
  • Reduce research time
  • View your business information in one place
  • Map centric, intuitive search
Possible uses for the Integrated Systems Query Widget:
  • Planning departments to view assessor information, look up permits, occupational licenses, business licenses, code enforcement cases, plat maps, subdivision maps, easement records, deeds, and many more.
  • Public works to view asset maintenance history, permits, construction drawings, improvement plans, and many more.
Price: Varies based on requirements

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