ArcGIS Online Launch Kit Packages

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Are you are considering utilizing the power of
ArcGIS® Online within your organization but just don’t know where to start?

We can help by launching your ArcGIS® Online
Organization, setting up web maps and apps, and/or helping you build your data.

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ArcGIS Online
Launch Kit Packages




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Setup of ArcGIS Online for Organizations
User Accounts 5 50 Call Us!
ArcGIS Online Group Configuration 1 3 Call Us!
ArcGIS Online Security Set-up
Enterprise Logins
ArcGIS Online Site Branding
Data Layer Load into ArcGIS Online Cloud
Publish Services into ArcGIS Online Cloud 5 10 Call Us!
Web Maps 3 5 Call Us!
Web Applications 1 Call Us!
Organization Map Gallery 1 Call Us!
Widgets/Custom Widgets * Call Us!
Esri Mobile Application(s) for Field Collection 1** 3** Call Us!
Training of Key Staff 2 Hours 4 Hours Call Us!
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* May need a web server
** Application can be used for inspecting hydrants, inspecting water meters, etc. Number of mobile applications refers to number of applications, not number of users. Number of users is limited by user accounts.

VESTRA is an Esri Gold Partner as well as an ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner and ArcGIS Online for Local Government Specialty Partner.

If you want additional web maps/apps or have data migration or conversion needs, please see our

Also check out our Enhanced Web AppBuilder (WAB) Widgets and our Code Enforcement Web Suite!