GIS Data Migration

Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association


Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association (LVMA) contracted with VESTRA to provide services in creating climate maps from the Prism Climate Groups data to assist LVMA with their effort to assess vineyard suitability within the Livermore Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA). The project consisted of migrating 30 years’ worth of climate data from the Prism Climate Group’s website into ArcGIS Online as feature services. Using these services, VESTRA built maps in ArcGIS Online using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS  to asses such things as annual average precipitation, average mean temperature per month, minimum/maximum temperature per month, and average growing degree days.

Town of Truckee, CA

VESTRA is proud to have been chosen by the Town of Truckee’s Public Works Department as the winning proposer for their Local Government Information Model (LGIM) Data Migration.  VESTRA will be assisting the Town with their GIS data migration into the Local Government Information Model (LGIM) system; assisting in the development of guidelines for storing and archiving data (including file structure and naming conventions); providing recommendations for additional GIS-related modules to improve the Town’s use of GIS; and setting up and/or reviewing proxy server configuration to facilitate integrations and publish web applications developed using LGIM.